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We use Zillow’s powerful “Coming Soon” feature to find buyers before you pay a big broker commission. We’re the only real estate agents who provide this unique pre-MLS marketing service. If we can’t find you a buyer, you’re referred to a traditional MLS agent for maximum exposure plus the incentive of a buyer’s broker commission. 

Use Added Equity and our pre-MLS listing service, and you may save up to 5% of your sale price.


We charge 1% to sell your home, not the usual 6%. On Zillow we reach buyers directly and avoid the high middleman costs of other brokers. You can save $30k* or so. If not, we’ll refer you to an MLS agent.

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As licensed real estate agents, we can effectively market and sell your home without incurring the costs of all the other agents. Our broker services (pics, sign, flyer, etc.) give you the best chance for success.

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It’s a great time to be selling – there are more buyers than homes for sale. Why offer a big broker commission? We don’t. And if we don’t find a buyer, you’ll get the exposure of the MLS. Try us first.

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* The estimated savings are based on a $600,000 home, which is just about what an average house in Seattle costs these days.

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Note: We estimate expenses (taxes, escrow, title, etc) at 2.5%

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