Our 1% Commission

We charge a 1% listing commission. We don’t offer a commission to a buyer’s agent, so that’s all you’ll pay. Which means you can save up to 5% of the sale price. On a typical home in Seattle, that’s about $30k. Real money. There are, of course, additional details.KZ4C1601-Edit

$250 is due up front.

As a tech-based – and bootstrapped! – startup, we simply must offset our listing costs. Accordingly, we require payment of $250 when you sign our listing agreement. At closing, you’ll owe the balance of our fee, 1% of the sale price.

You’ll get the $250 back if we get the referral.

We’re pretty sure we’ll sell your house. But if we don’t, we’ll be referring you to an experienced real estate broker who is a member of the MLS. If you go with that referral, we’ll gladly refund you your $250.KZ4C1556-Edit

If you’d rather go with a different real estate agent, that’s fine too. All we ask is that you give us the chance to request a modest referral fee. If we are successful, you’ll of course get your $250 back. If we are unable to get a referral fee, or if you refuse us the chance to ask for one, then we will retain the $250.

You may pay more than 1% in commissions.

It is a fact that every real estate agent working for the buyer expects to be paid by the seller. While some of our buyers use attorneys, most are working with agents. So most of our sellers are asked to pay a buyer’s agent commission.

But it’s a request. It can be negotiated. As a result, it will be less than 3%. In most instances, it will be no more than 1%, for a total commission of 2%. Still way less than the standard 6%.

Questions? Give us a shout.