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We’re an MLS Alternative – and We’re Not Alone

We love being on the cutting edge of change in real estate. It’s incredibly exciting. It would also be terrifying, if we were the only ones offering an MLS alternative. That, after all, would begin to sound like the “bleeding edge” – and bleeding is not a good thing. Thankfully, we’re not alone. There are other forward-thinking brokers out there who realize the future of real estate is closer – and simpler – than most people realize.  […]

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Seattle Housing Market Predictions 2017

Seattle Housing Market Forecast 2017 Here at Added Equity, we know that nobody has a crystal ball. Predictions of the future are just that: predictions. Not guarantees. But the Seattle housing market? Hey, we’re in real estate – so yeah, sure, we have an opinion… 🙂 Real estate agents are frequently ridiculed for their propensity to prognosticate – inevitably in the direction of higher values. It’s fair to say that at least some of the criticism is justified. At Added Equity RE we try and keep our predictions limited in scope and grounded in known facts. Here is our annual January post about the Seattle Housing Market and where we think its headed in the New Year: […]

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