Founders Craig Blackmon and Keith Rea

Alternative Real Estate Broker SeattleADDED EQUITY REAL ESTATE

A product of the information age, Added Equity is a deceptively simple business model. It’s been known for a decade that the real estate industry would change due to the technology. Yet fundamental change has been elusive. Added Equity is the first real estate firm built around the fact that, thanks to the internet, buyers find and choose the homes they purchase. Years ago, to find homes for sale, you had to hire a real estate agent. Those days are long gone, to say the least. So why should sellers pay for buyer’s agents? At a whopping 3%, it is the single biggest cost to the seller. And the person getting paid all that money? By law, a buyer’s agent works for the buyer, regardless of the fact that the seller is paying the exorbitant fee. Added Equity embraces technology and offers sellers a new and simple alternative: Professional real estate agent services, without having to pay the buyer’s agent commission.


Craig Blackmon is the founder and visionary responsible for Added Equity. In 2005, he launched his solo law practice on residential real estate. Since then, he’s worked to improve the quality of real estate services while dramatically lowering the fees charged to consumers. Initially, he helped owners sell “For Sale By Owner,” and buyers buy without using an agent (saving themselves 3%). In 2009 he got his real estate broker license. With his law partner, Craig launched Washington Lawyers Realty. The firm combined the services of a lawyer with an agent, and charged a modest fee ($5000). Clients saved thousands, even tens of thousands of dollars. With a different vision, Craig left WaLaw and soon after launched Quill Realty, a supposedly improved version of the model. It proved not. But Craig had seen the light. In 2015, he shifted to a non-MLS model and determined an attorney was not necessary in the mix. In 2016 it was apparent that he needed a real estate firm built from the ground up to effectively message consumers about the value proposition offered by this new and simple model. Added Equity was born.


After earning a degree in finance from the University of Washington in 1989, Keith took over the family toy manufacturing company. He ran it successfully and eventually sold it in 1996. In 1998 Keith and a business partner formed RMB Vivid, a graphic design firm focused on branding and identity development. Notable clients include Jones Soda, Pyramid Breweries, Microsoft, Vulcan Real Estate, Starbucks and Samsung. RMB Vivid continues to provide high quality design and marketing services to its clients nearly two decades after its founding. Keith is a Northwest Native whose diverse background, successful design and marketing experience, and longstanding relationships give Added Equity the edge it needs to disrupt real estate.