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Title Insurance

A type of insurance that insures either the buyer’s right to own and possess the property, or the lender’s security interest in the property. Typically the seller will pay for the buyer’s title insurance policy, and the buyer will pay for the lender’s title insurance policy. In Washington, title insurance plays an important role in the [...]

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Title Officer

The person who works for the title insurance company responsible for reviewing and approving title. Per the terms of the contract, all monetary liens must be satisfied and there can be no "clouds" on title that reduce the value of the property. The Title Officer is responsible for confirming that title meets those requirements. The [...]

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Warranty Deed

A deed is the legal document that transfers ownership of real property.  A Warranty Deed contains promises from the seller to the buyer about the rights of ownership and possession of the property.   Contrast with Quit Claim Deed. Here in WA, the warranty deed is defined by statute. Accordingly, it is referred to as [...]

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