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Our New Infographic – Pre MLS Listings Explained

When you've got a great new disruptive model, you need to get creative in getting the message out. And nothing says "creative" like a new-fangled... Infographic: How the Added Equity Pre MLS Listing Works

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Looking for a Pre-MLS Listing to Test the Market? Added Equity is It!

We’re proud to announce our latest service: pre-MLS listing. As any good agent will tell you, some “pre-market” exposure can lead to a GREAT sale price when selling a home! Added Equity is the only real estate firm in Seattle that offers this unique service. […]

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Introductory Pricing: We’re the Crazy Eddie of Real Estate in Seattle!

I went to college in New York City in the 1980's. Back then there was a popular series of ads for the discount electronics store Crazy Eddie. The pitchman - people assumed it was Eddie himself - would make a remarkably animated pitch for that week's "special discount." And every ad ended with the well-worn tag line: His Prices [...]

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Our Single Broker Listing and Withdrawal from the MLS: Answers to Common Questions

Learn About our Single Broker Listing We're unique. We are - apparently - the only real estate firm in the Seattle area that isn't a member of the NWMLS, so we can offer a Single Broker Listing. Learn more about us here. When you do something new, you raise a lot of questions. When Added Equity's [...]

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