Looking for a Washington Condo Resale Certificate?

Washington Condo Resale Certificate

Click HERE for Free PDF!

As a courtesy to FSBO condo sellers (and their board officers and managing agents) Added Equity is providing its version of the Washington condo resale certificate, free of charge. The law requires condominium unit sellers to have this condo resale certificate form completed and signed by an officer or agent of the Homeowners Association and provided to a buyer. Click here for a downloadable condo resale certificate .pdf that you can give to your officer or agent to complete and sign.

But seriously – are you thinking of selling your condo unit yourself and without an agent?

Recognize the many challenges ahead. For Sale By Owner condo sellers have a very long and difficult “to do” list that looks something like this:

  • Assess fair value so you can set the right price, essential for maximum success
  • Prepare and stage the unit to appeal to the broadest range of buyers
  • Create a compelling listing using descriptive copy and professional high definition pictures
  • Post the listing to the most popular real estate web sites for maximum internet exposure
  • Install a yard sign (if possible) and prepare high quality flyers
  • Provide tours to buyers not working with agents, and open houses
  • Work closely with agents representing interested buyers
  • Properly vet potential buyers to maximize the chances of a successful closing.
  • Once an offer is received, negotiate until you agree on the contract terms
  • Address and resolve buyer objections before closing, such as a problem with the inspection or title report.

And with hundreds of thousands of dollars on the line, you want to do each step right. It can be pretty daunting.

Instead, consider using us to sell your condo. We don’t use the MLS, in fact we’re the only real estate firm in Seattle that doesn’t. We provide our clients with all of the services of a realtor, like those listed above, to maximize the chances of a successful sale. Since we’re not on the MLS, we don’t offer a buyer’s agent’s commission, so we can sell your home for a total 2% commission, not the standard 6%. So you’ll still make more money, without incurring the time, energy, and risk of an FSBO sale.