Sell house make more money like this

Make more money with a discount real estate agent.

Let’s be honest. When it’s time to sell your house, you want the home’s equity (its value) deposited into your bank account, not paid in transaction costs. We’re a discount real estate agent who really delivers.

ADDED EQUITY—It’s right there in our name.

You’re in the right place. As a discount real estate agent, we can dramatically reduce the biggest transaction cost in real estate: the high broker commissions.

It’s true. The average home seller pays more to the real estate agents than to everyone else combined. Title, escrow and taxes together are typically half as much as what the seller pays the agents. And most of that money goes to the buyer’s agent. Who doesn’t even work for you, the seller.

So when it’s time to sell your house, you want to cut those broker commissions. And that’s exactly what we do as a discount real estate agent. Except we do it better than anyone, because we’re different.Discount real estate agent

We skip the Buyer’s Agent Commission

We charge just 1% to sell your home. We don’t offer a buyer agent commission. The buyer may ask you to pay the agent something, but you’ll be able to negotiate this cost down – way down. So you can save up to 5% of the sale price. On an average home in Seattle, that’s another $30k in captured equity. Real money.

Sale price, less costs of sale and less commissions, equals your equity.

Windermere is the biggest and best known of the traditional real estate firms. They almost always charge 6%, or nearly so. On the discount side, Redfin is the largest. It charges 1% – plus of course another 3% to the Buyer’s Agent.

Check out how we stack up against the competition:

Added Equity and its pre-MLS exposure is the clear winner and least expensive option. Saving you tens of thousands of dollars, we’re quite simply the best discount real estate agents, anywhere.

You’ll be successful even if we aren’t.

And if not, no worries! If we can’t find you a buyer using our pre-MLS listing services, we will refer you to an MLS real estate agent. There you’ll get all of the professional services of a real estate broker, plus the maximum exposure of the MLS with it’s huge incentive to other agents. So if we can’t save you money, you’ll still get maximum exposure and top dollar.

Want to learn more? Get the details on our 1% commission here.


You probably have some questions. And we’ve got answers! Contact us to find our more about how you can make more money selling with us—and then think about how you’d use that extra money: A bigger new house? A bathroom remodel? A fantastic vacation? It’s YOUR money.