We’re Not Typical Discount Real Estate Brokers

We’re really, truly discount real estate brokers. No other real estate agents save you as much. All the others? They’re less than frank about the actual total fee you’ll be charged. It’s only in the fine print you learn that you have to pay 3% to a buyer’s agent too. We tell you 1%, and we charge 1%. Total.

When you sell your home, you hire a real estate agent to “list” it, and you pay them a listing fee. Agents are quick to talk about the listing fee that they charge.

But that’s not the only fee you’ll have to pay. In real estate – unlike any other modern industry – the seller pays the buyer’s agent. Yep, today buyers find their own homes on the internet, and their agent works for them. Yet the seller still pays the buyer agent’s fee.

And it’s a big fee! While the listing fee can be as little as a hundred dollars, the buyer agent’s fee is almost always an eye-watering 3%. If you talk to a real estate broker, you probably won’t learn of this additional 3% fee until you’re asked to sign a listing contract. And then you’re stuck with it.

Don’t believe us? Check out everyone else…

  • Redfin? They advertise a listing fee of 1.5%, but in reality you’ll have to pay 4.5%.
  • Savvy Lane? They “say no to 6% commission” and offer a flat fee as low as $95. The reality? Ninety five bucks, plus  3%. (The calculator is the tell.)
  • Windermere? Good luck getting any insight on their fees, unless you talk to an agent. If you do, you’ll learn it’s 3%. Oh, yes, of course, plus another 3% for the buyer’s agent. 6% total. It’s standard.

But not Added Equity. We say we charge 1% – and we charge 1%. When you sign our listing agreement, you’ll obligate yourself to pay… yup, 1%. We’re different.


You probably have some questions. And we’ve got answers! Contact us to find our more about how you can make more money selling with us—and then think about how you’d use that extra money: A bigger new house? A bathroom remodel? A fantastic vacation? It’s YOUR money.