When we left the NWMLS, we lost access to the high quality real estate forms that it provides to its members. Thankfully Craig Blackmon, our founder, is an experienced real estate attorney, so he has drafted a set of forms specifically for use by Added Equity. But we don’t want to keep such a good thing for ourselves! So we’re offering free WA real estate forms here.

Washington Real Estate Forms Available Here for Free

If you’re looking to buy or sell a piece of residential property – or if you are a lawyer or broker working on behalf of someone who is doing so – then youFree WA Real Estate Forms like this
need the forms necessary to create a contract for the sale of real property. We have such forms and will gladly share them with you.

However, before we do so, you’ll need to agree to our terms.

License Agreement for free WA real estate forms:

If you’d like one or more of our free forms, please print, sign, and return this form: License Agmt for Forms v2. These forms won’t work for every transaction, just the most common (for example, they don’t address a septic system). And as you’ll see, you’ll use these forms entirely at your own risk. They are being provided as a courtesy only and without any warranty or guarantee whatsoever.

In fact, unless you are an attorney (or at a minimum a real estate broker), you shouldn’t use these forms yourself. It is a complicated and very expensive transaction with a whole bunch of liabilities that will attach. (You think owning property is cheap or easy? Be careful or you’ll end up learning the hard way that it isn’t.)

Enjoy our free WA real estate forms – and good luck!