Craig Blackmon, Added Equity Founder

Craig Blackmon, Founder and Managing Broker

Sure, we just launched. And we’re hardly swamped with work. So some people – traditional agents who are heavily invested, even emotionally invested, in the traditional model – will laugh at this post. They’ll give us a hard time for any talk of hiring real estate agents. That’s OK, because this post isn’t meant for them.

We’re reaching out to agents – relatively new, or grizzled veterans – who appreciate the fact that the industry is going to change. And who want to be at the vanguard of that change. Because when you lead the way, you carve out and create the new market space. In terms of a pie chart, the whole pie is yours. Delicious. And an incredible financial opportunity.

If you’re intrigued by that notion, give Craig a call. We’re looking for licensed and experienced agents who want to break from the NWMLS. We’re hiring real estate agents.

We’re not truly “hiring.” We’ll work out a fair split of the commission paid between the firm and you, so you have income. But you’ll also be working towards equity in the business. It’s an old start-up adage, get people on board with what you have, which is equity in a business primed for meteoric growth.

Whoa!! Yes, that’s ambitious. But once we prove that houses can be sold on Zillow, and you don’t need to pay a buyer’s agent to get fair value… Well, Real Estate is a $60B – yes, billion – industry. If Added Equity proves to be a truly disruptive model, the sky is the limit for growth. An equity position will be very well rewarded.

We’d love to hear from you.