We love being on the cutting edge of change in real estate. It’s incredibly exciting. It would also be terrifying, if we were the only ones offering an MLS alternative. That, after all, would begin to sound like the “bleeding edge” – and bleeding is not a good thing.

Thankfully, we’re not alone. There are other forward-thinking brokers out there who realize the future of real estate is closer – and simpler – than most people realize. 

An MLS Alternative in California

RedB Real Estate is owned and operated by Gil Dominguez. When someone finally writes the history of the evolution of real estate, one of the early chapters will be devoted to Gil. Amazingly, he’s been offering an MLS alternative for nearly two decades!

In the late 90’s, Gil began selling houses without utilizing the local Multiple Listing Service. That’s right, he saw the future, before the future – in the form of the internet – even arrived! Back then, he would take out an ad in the local paper for his “exclusive” listings. He coined the term “single broker listing” because he wouldn’t offer a commission to a buyer’s agent. Even then, Gil could see that the world had changed since the founding of the MLS way back in the 19th Century. He could see that buyers found houses they wanted to buy, and brokers simply didn’t “bring a buyer” anymore.

These days, Gil also understands the power of the internet. With listings available online, it’s easier than ever to sell a house. And Zillow (and similar sites) provides the perfect platform for marketing listings without putting them on the MLS. Indeed, the name of his firm, RedB, is a play on the acronym for a “real estate database.” Just like Added Equity, Gil leverages the internet to provide an MLS alternative, allowing sellers to save tens of thousands of dollars.

An Aspiring MLS Alternative Here in Seattle

We’re not even the only forward-thinking brokers in Seattle. Mike Palmer is a real estate broker who has seen the light. Read his site and you’ll quickly see that he understands there is an MLS alternative. Like he says:

“If I was not a member of the NWMLS which requires me to list any property I own and want to sell then I would never list any property I wanted to sell in the NWMLS!”

Unfortunately for Mike, he is not yet a Managing Broker and therefore he cannot provide real estate broker services by himself. He must be a member of a real estate firm – and every real estate firm in Seattle but Added Equity is a member of the NWMLS. So he encourages his clients to sell “for sale by owner” while hiring him to give advice along the way.

So we’re not alone – and we’re not crazy! The future is there for anyone who can open their eyes. Sellers simply don’t need to list on the MLS, and don’t need to pay a buyer’s agent.