Start with us and you can save huge money.

Give us a chance! Zillow is the No. 1 real estate web site. As an MLS alternative, we use it to reach buyers directly, without incurring the costs of the MLS and its 3% buyer agent commission.

We’re an MLS Alternative Real Estate Firm.

Everyone uses the internet these days to find the home they want to buy. And Zillow is where most of them look. BeMLS Alternative Platformcause it isn’t part of any Multiple Listing Service, Zillow gives independent brokers like Added Equity an effective online listing platform. We use it as an MLS alternative for our Single Broker Listing.

Hire One Broker to Sell Your Home, Not Two.

Discount real estate agentWith Added Equity, you pay us a 1% listing fee. We provide you with all the professional real estate agent services you need to sell your home for market value. The difference between us and everyone else? You won’t have to pay a buyer’s agent commission. One commission can save you up to 5% of the sale costs. So why start with two?

If We Can’t Sell Your House, We’ll Refer You to a Traditional MLS Agent.

Right now, it is an historic seller’s market here in Seattle. We’re pretty sure we’ll be able to sell your home for fair value. But if not, you’ll still be on track for success. We’ll refer you (along with our hi-def pictures and professional copy) to an experienced traditional agent who is an MLS member.

Soon your listing will appear everywhere as an MLS listing. Perhaps more importantly, you’ll also be offering a big commission to the buyer’s agent (probably the typical 3%). Regardless, you’ll get the fullest marketing exposure possible, just like any other seller. At the typical cost of 6%.

Interested? Check out the details here. Or give us a shout. But don’t sell without trying us first.


You probably have some questions. And we’ve got answers! Contact us to find our more about how you can make more money selling with us—and then think about how you’d use that extra money: A bigger new house? A bathroom remodel? A fantastic vacation? It’s YOUR money.