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This is one of my posts from my days at Quill Realty (the precursor to Added Equity). That model began as a fusion between agents and lawyers – in retrospect a lousy idea. After rethinking the business in the spring of 2015, I saw the future and Quill withdrew from the NWMLS that June. In September, I closed my first sale of my non MLS listings. Whether it catches on or not, I know the model works….

Originally posted 9/28/15:

Non MLS Listings Result in FMV

We could not be any happier to have had the opportunity to assist this beautiful family in selling their house in Seattle. And they closed last Friday – making them the very first Quill clients to sell non mls listings got fmv for these happy clientstheir home without using the MLS. It worked out well – check out those smiles!

Exactly how well did it work? Here are the particulars:

We listed this home for what we believed was fair market value, $340k. After about 10 days on market, we got a full price offer that included seller payment of the buyer agent’s 3% fee. Since that was a seller-paid cost not included in the original offer, we were able to counter by increasing the price to accommodate payment of this commission. The end result? We sold for $350k and agreed to pay the 3%. So these folks sold their house by paying a mere .14% of the price to a buyer’s agent. Including our fee, they paid less than $6k in broker commissions – more than $15,000 less than what a typical agent would have charged.

The results are in. The model works. Sell your home for 2%. Sell with Quill Added Equity RE.