We’re proud to announce our latest service: pre-MLS listing. As any good agent will tell you, some “pre-market” exposure can lead to a GREAT sale price when selling a home! Added Equity is the only real estate firm in Seattle that offers this unique service.

It’s true. In Seattle, nobody else offers a Pre-MLS listing.

The Northwest Multiple Listing Service is a system based on cooperation between real estate agents. It made sense a long time ago. But in the age ofpre-MLS listing the internet, no longer.

Like any system, the NWMLS has rules. And one of those rules – consistent with cooperation between agents – prohibits pre-market exposure of a listing. Once an agent has a signed listing agreement, he must immediately post it to the MLS database, where every MLS agent can see it. Before there is a listing agreement, the agent must not market the listing in any way whatsoever. There can be no pre-MLS listing.

Why does this matter to a seller? Well, every agent will admit that some pre-market exposure might land a big price. By being a little exclusive and “in the know,” a good agent might get someone to pay over fair market value. But the rules don’t let them do it.

Want proof? Check out the “Coming Soon” listings on Zillow for the Seattle area. As of right now, there are zero. But For Sale by Agent? Over thirty five hundred. That’s right, there are 3500+ listings on the MLS and Zillow, but exactly zero on just Zillow.

Only Added Equity offers a Pre-MLS Listing.

Thankfully, we’re not members of the NWMLS. So we’re not bound by their rules!! Oh, sweet freedom…

This allows us to market our homes however we think best. And today, we understand the value of a pre-MLS listing. Put a nice price on the home, and float it out there for minimal broker fees (we charge a total of 1%). See what happens! Seattle remains the hottest market in the country. Quite simply, you don’t need the MLS to sell a home.

Or maybe you do. Find out by first using a pre-MLS listing through Added Equity. We’ll put it up as a “Coming Soon” listing where you will get exclusive exposure (remember, we’re the only ones who can market a home before it is on the MLS). Then we’ll move it to the standard “for sale” section of Zillow. If you still haven’t gotten a number that makes you happy, no worries. Try the MLS and its huge 6% commission after you’ve tried us, pre-MLS.