We’re proud to launch our brand new Real Estate Glossary! It takes the confusing and confounding terms of real estate and gives them easy-to-understand, real world explanations. At least that’s our intent! Think we could do a better job? Know of a term we should add to the real estate glossary? LET US KNOW! ūüôā ¬†Seriously, please leave comment with your input – thanks in advance!

Our Real Estate Glossary

We’ve broken it down here into four¬†categories: Real Estate People, Searching for and Marketing the Home, the Offer & Due Diligence, and Closing. Or go to the Glossary page and they’re arranged alphabetically. Or use the search bar. Have fun!

Real Estate People

Closing Agent

Designated Broker

Listing Agent

Managing Broker

Real Estate Agent (aka Real Estate Broker, aka Realtor)

Selling Agent

Title Insurance

Title Officer

Searching for and Marketing the Home

Comps (or Comparables)

Covenants, Conditions, and Restrictions (CC&Rs)

Multiple Listing Service (or MLS)

Pre-Approval Letter

Pre-MLS Listing

Pocket Listing

Offer & Due Diligence


Offer Expiration Date



Earnest Money


Financing Contingency

Preliminary Title Report (or Title Commitment)

Title Contingency

Due Diligence



Closing Agent

Closing Costs


Quit Claim Deed

Selling Office Commission (or SOC)

Settlement Statement

Title Insurance

Warranty Deed