Sell house make more money like this

Sell House = Make Money

Let’s be honest. When it’s time to sell house, you want as much of your home’s equity as possible deposited into your bank account.

ADDED EQUITY—It’s right there in our name.

When you sell your home, you need to keep as much of your equity (your home’s value) as possible, for yourself and your family. Nobody thinks “sell my house” without also thinking “for the most money.”

You’re in the right place. We dramatically reduce the biggest transaction cost in real estate: the high broker commissions. It’s true. The average home seller pays more to the real estate agents than to everyone else combined. Title, escrow and taxes together are typically half as much as what the seller pays the agents. And most of that money goes to one agent: the buyer’s agent. Who doesn’t even work for the you, the seller.

So  when it’s time to sell house, that is the place to start if you want to make more money: Cut those broker commissions, starting with the buyer agent commission. By doing so, you’ll add to your equity.

Here’s how the costs break down: Your sale price, less costs of sale and less commissions, equals your equity.

Check out how we stack up against the competition:


You probably have some questions. And we’ve got answers! Contact us to find our more about how you can make more money selling with us—and then think about how you’d use that extra money: A bigger new house? A bathroom remodel? A fantastic vacation? It’s YOUR money.